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Methods To Apply Patches In Weblogic Server

Applying patch from server start script:

After downloading the patch (jar file) follow the below steps:

– Stop your server.

– Then take the path of the folder which has the CRxxxxxx_xxxmpx.jar file and copy it in the CLASSPATH of setDomainEnv.cmd which is in

(<bea home>/user_projects/domains/<your domain name>/bin/setDomainEnv.cmd)

For example, the script would look something like this:

set CLASSPATH=%PRE_CLASSPATH%;%WEBLOGIC_CLASSPATH%; C:\extra\my_projects\doc\CR\CR218639_920mp3.jar;C:\extra\my_projects\doc \CR\ CR360676_920mp3.jar;C:\extra\my_projects\doc\CR\CR367966_920mp3.jar; C:\extra\my_projects\doc\CR\CR368155_920mp3.jar;C:\extra\my_projects\doc\CR\CR370311_920mp3.jar

– Re-start your server.

– You should see the patch applied in the stdout file.

Applying patch through smart update (ONLINE):

–         Run the script bsu.cmd from the directory D:\Bea_Home\utils\bsu to run the smart update utility.

–         Login to smart update using your oracle support credentials.

–         Wait till the patch information is being refreshed.

–         In the Get Patches tab you will find a list of patches which are available for that version of weblogic server

–         If the patch you want to apply is in the list, check the patch and click on download patches button.

–         It will then ask you whether you want to check if this patch conflicts with the patches already applied on the server. Click yes and wait for the results.

–         You will then see that the patch is downloaded if there are no conflicts found.

–         Then go to the tab manage patches, you will find the patch that you downloaded. Click on the button apply and the patch will be applied.

–         If  the patch you need to apply is not there in the list, get the patch id and the passcode of the patch from oracle support.

–         Click on the tab get patches. Then go to the menu Patches -> Retrieve Patches.

–         Enter the patch id and passcode in the next screen.

–         Once downloaded, apply the patch and restart the server.

Applying patch through smart update (OFFLINE):

–         If your support credentials do not work in smart update, you can apply the patch through offline mode.

–         Save the jar file of the patch, prod-info.xml  and patch-catalog.xml which comes with the patch in the D:\Bea_Home\utils\bsu\cache_dir directory.

–         Start the smart update utility and click on work offline.

–         You will see the patch in the downloaded patches as below:

– Click on apply and the patch will be applied.