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How to modify Weblogic Default Roles and Policies

This post is basically screenshots that demonstrates how to modify the existing roles and policies in Weblogic. We mostly have our users and groups in LDAP/ Database Servers. We integrate them with WLS for authentication purpose by configuring the authenticators. If we want to assign certain default roles, we can do it following the screenshots below. As a example I am assigning Admin role to TestGroup from the database.

In Summary we need to do this

Home > Summary of Security Realms > myrealm > Realm Roles > Expand Global Roles > Expand Roles > Click View Role Conditions under Role Policy of Admin > Clieck Add Conditions > Select a Group/User from the predicate list > In the Group/User Argument Name provide the name (of AD User/Group) and clieck Add , Click Finish > Click Save