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Resetting Admin UserName And Password in Weblogic Server 11g

Step 1 – Set the environment


Step 2 – Create a new Admin Account

C:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\domains\FirstDomain>java faisal faisal123 .

Note: Don’t forget to add a dot(.) at the end.

Step 3 – Verify the creation of a new DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift file.

Volume in drive C has no label.
Volume Serial Number is ECEA-2BF5

Directory of C:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\domains\FirstDomain

11/29/2010  10:27 AM    <DIR>          .
11/29/2010  10:27 AM    <DIR>          ..
10/27/2010  10:56 AM    <DIR>          autodeploy
10/27/2010  10:56 AM    <DIR>          bin
10/27/2010  10:56 AM    <DIR>          config
10/27/2010  10:56 AM    <DIR>          console-ext
11/29/2010  10:27 AM             3,380 DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift
10/29/2010  12:25 PM               156 edit.lok
10/27/2010  10:56 AM               472
10/27/2010  10:56 AM    <DIR>          init-info
10/27/2010  10:56 AM    <DIR>          lib
10/29/2010  12:25 PM    <DIR>          pending
10/27/2010  10:56 AM    <DIR>          security
10/29/2010  12:11 PM    <DIR>          servers
10/27/2010  10:56 AM               318 startWebLogic.cmd
10/27/2010  10:56 AM               270
10/29/2010  12:25 PM    <DIR>          tmp
5 File(s)          4,596 bytes
12 Dir(s)  47,722,737,664 bytes free
You will see a DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift in the domain directory

Step 5 – Use the new DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift

Go to the following location


Rename the existing DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift and place the DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift file in this directory that we just created.

Step 6 – Rename ldap directory

Now go to the following location.


Note:- This will delete all your existing users/groups so it is recomemded to export the security realm data, or export the users.

Step 7 – Delete file

Rename ldap directory to something else.

Delete the file from the following location


Step 8– Start your Weblogic Server  using startWebLogic.cmd and provide the credentials at the prompt.
Enter username to boot WebLogic server:faisal
Enter password to boot WebLogic server:

Step 9 – Log in to Weblogic Console using the new admin user.

If you stil face issues feel free to post a comment, and we will be glad to help.