How to change Default Ports in JBoss Application Server

These are the default ports in JBoss Application Server

TCP 1090 – RMI/JRMP socket for connecting to the JMX MBeanServer
TCP 1091 – RMI server socket
TCP 1099 – JNDI Service
TCP 1098 – RMI Port for JNDI Service
TCP 4446 – JBoss Remoting Connector
TCP 4712 – JBossTS Service
TCP 4713 – JBossTS Service
TCP 5445 – HornetQ JMS Service
TCP 5455 – HornetQ Netty port
TCP 5500 – JBoss Remoting
TCP 5501 – JBoss Remoting ssl
TCP 8009 – Web server AjpConnector
TCP 8080 – Web server HTTP Connector
TCP 8083 – Web services

To change the port, we need to edit the bindings-jboss-beans.xml present at the following location.


e.g. if we want to change the JNDI port, we need to update the port property for the Naming Service


 <!-- Naming Service -->
            <bean class="">
               <property name="serviceName">jboss:service=Naming</property>
               <property name="bindingName">Port</property>
               <property name="port">1999</property>
               <property name="description">The listening socket for the Naming service</property>

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