How to check for SSL POODLE / SSLv3 bug on WebLogic? How to fix

Details of the SSL POODLE bug can be found here We can address it in the following way. 1) Disable SSL 3.0 support in the client. 2) Disable SSL 3.0 support in the server. We can start WebLogic server with the following JVM option Ref :- Disable support for CBC-based cipher suites when […]

Converting certificate formats

Converting Certificate from JKS to P12 Format keytool -importkeystore -srckeystore Fabrizio.jks -destkeystore Fabrizio.p12 -srcstoretype JKS -deststoretype PKCS12 -srcstorepass weblogic1 -deststorepass weblogic1 -srcalias {4d390f81-7f7a-4a0a-ae76-9a5ea5ba567f} -destalias {4d390f81-7f7a-4a0a-ae76-9a5ea5ba567f} -srckeypass weblogic1 -destkeypass weblogic1 Converting certificate from PFX to JKS Format java -classpath ./jetty-6.1.1.jar Fabrizio.pfx Fabrizio.jks Converting certificate from P12 to PFX Format 1. Import the certificate in the […]

Certificate Management in WebSphere Application Server

Before, trying to understand about the certificate management, installation of certificates inside the WebSphere application server we should first understand why we need ssl communication and what is the impact of not installing the certificates. During the olden days whenever we want to make any banking transaction (e.g.: depositing the money, with draw money, transfer […]