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I am the founder and owner of this Website.I have worked for BEA Systems’s Weblogic Server Team as a mentor. My main areas of focus are Weblogic Server Core, Security, JMS , Proxy Plugins. I like to code and share my knowledge with others.


I am one of the co founder of WebLogic Wonders. I have worked for Oracle Weblogic Server Support. I specialized in EJB, JMS, Security and other core areas of Weblogic Server. I like to learn new technologies and share it with others.I also work on  JBoss and Pega BPM. I try to share my technical knowledge through this website.


I am one of the co founder of WebLogic Wonders. I have extensive experience in Middleware Administration. I love to solve complex production issues and share it with a wider audience at WebLogic Wonders.

Shankar Anand Nagalingam

I’m the co-founder of WebLogic-Wonders and worked as support/backline engineer with BEA (now Oracle). I’m specialized in all Application Servers, DevOps, Cloud (AWS, Azure). We here strongly believe “Knowledge Grows by Sharing but not Saving” so please reach us for any technical guidance.

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