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  1. Hi Friends,

    Can someone please help me with steps to fix the issue ?

    Here the scenario –
    While executing production change , I was unable to execute it successfully , because an error message “listen port conflict”. Not sure how to move further and fix this issue.

    Can someone let me know how to troubleshoot on this ?


    1. Hi Arun,

      Looks like u tried to start two servers on the same port.
      Can you please share the config.xml?


  2. Hi Admin

    i have a Query about Stage Mode

    for example we have 2 servers in distributed environment Adminserver and mng2

    i kept the binary in same paths(which i should not do for Stage Mode)

    i want to know is it correct what am doing for stage mode

    My Problem is

    i need to configure log path in our binary,
    for stage mode if i didn’t keep the binary in mng2 then it is not writing the logs

    so to over come this am putting the binary’s in both the servers in same path
    can i keep the binary’s in both servers?

    suggest me if their is any other thing to do, please let me know if ur not understood my query

    1. Hi Azas,

      In stage mode, the server keep a copy of the ear/war file in the stage directory.
      You would be having log4j.xml file, whatever part you give in there, log will be written at that location.

      How are u manually placing the file in mng2?


      1. Hi faisal

        am Manually copying the same binary into mng2 server……..can i do like this?

        am configuring the log path in log4j file, but still the logs are not writting in the given path


        1. If you are copying manually its not stage mode of deployment.. all the servers are in the same machine?

          1. Hi

            no different Machines ……….

            since i need to define the log paths in binary, that is the reason i am copying binaries ……..

            in our binary
            we have a file called

            i need to define the app logs paths here

            so if i did not copy the binary in mang2 server then logs are not writing in the second server

            can u plz suggest us, if their is any other method


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