Using JProfiler with Weblogic Server

What Jprofiler Does?

* JProfiler works both as a stand-alone application and as a plug-in for the Eclipse software development environment.
* JProfiler supports local profiling (analysis of applications running on the same machine as the JProfiler software) and remote profiling (analysis of Java applications running on remote machines)
* Enables both memory profile to assess memory usage and dynamic allocation leaks and CPU profiling to assess thread conflicts.
* Provides visual representation for the virtual machine load in terms of active and total bytes, instances, threads, classes, Garbage Collector activity.

Download JProfiler from the link below.

You will be asked to provide your name and e-mail id.
An Evaluation Key will be mailed to you.

NOTE: It is not recommended to use JProfiler in Production Environments …as it consumes more resources..which may not be desired in Production Envs.

At the time of installation, you will be prompted for the installation key, copy it from your mail and paste it as shown in the screenshots.


  1. Good morning/afternoon,

    I just signed up for the demo key, but have not received it yet. I’ll contact your support department if I don’t get it within a few hours.

    Thank you kindly.
    Jason O’Leary

  2. nice i.T discussion gain..well..i admire you to have this kind of knowledge i will really study these terms for me to understand..thank you and more power!

  3. Hey Administrator,

    Thanks for this detailed step-by-step post. You really have a thing for teaching people don’t you? – These screenshots really helped me a lot.

    Yes, I can attest the fact that JProfiler eats a lot more resources in production environments.

    @Jason: (#1)

    It took a while before my evaluation key came as well. Just have to wait patiently or check your junk mail mate. (it *may* have gotten filtered in there for strange reasons)

    Mark Derulo
    Wichita, KS

  4. I stumbled upon this page looking for some info on local profiling. I have also signed up for the demo key but I haven’t received it yet. I’ll shoot an email to your tech if I won’t receive it in an hour. Thanks for sharing the download link. 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing this post. Had been looking around for something like this and not only had you provided the link where to get it but you’ve posted the step by step procedure! I agree with Mark, lol thank you for having a ‘thing’ on teaching readers! 🙂 I have not signed up for the demo key, but how long does it usually reply back for it?

    (repeated it, not sure if my first entry was made)

  6. I usually get it within few minutes. One one occasion, someone got it the next day.

  7. very nice posting in this site…i lv this site very much bcoz of everypoint is in detailed….
    Thank you …..

  8. I have a system where in the application is deployed on local machine but database is on the unix machine.I configured the profiler as per the steps above but its not showing me any profiling of my application and on console i see a message “waiting for a connection from the jprofiler GUI…..” and then i get a messgae “disconnected”.
    Why i am getting this message and no outputs are shown on jprofiler UI.

  9. try setting agent path in server.xml ,add session id and config file location with comma seprated

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