This page contains useful security codes and configurations, also theoretical discussion on some topics. Let us know if you have any queries related to any one the articles.

FormBased authentication in JBoss

Securing WebLogic JMS Resources

Automation of Open SSL CSR(Certificate Sign Request) creation

Configuring Active Directory Authenticator with Weblogic Server

MBean Authorization and Creating JMX Policies

Import/ Export users and groups from Security Realm

Userlockout feature of Weblogic Server

List Users and Groups in Weblogic using JMX

JAAS Login in Weblogic Server

Issues Relating to urandom/random on Weblogic Server in Linux Environment

com.rsa.jsafe.JSAFE_PaddingException: Could not perform unpadding: invalid pad byte

Securing the JNDI with Admin Role in 11g

Custom Identity Asserter for Weblogic Server

Configuring SQL Authenticator with Weblogic Server.

Using Canned Policy with Weblogic Server.

Configure JCE Provider with Weblogic Server

Securing Webservices using BASIC Authentication on Weblogic Server.

Resetting Admin UserName And Password in Weblogic Server 11g

Steps to use userconfig file and userkey file

Servlet Authentication Filter for Weblogic Server

Configuring SAML 1.0 in a Clustered Weblogic Server

Securing Cookies on Weblogic Server

How to modify default roles and policies on Weblogic Server

Configuring SSL on Weblogic Server – Custom Identity and Custom Trust

JMX Policy Editor to modify Deployer Role

Securing WebServices using Username / Password mechanism

SSL configuration for WebLogic Server

Converting certificate formats

How to secure specific urls of an application on weblogic

LDAP Search by group by filter

Simple Sample Identity Asserter for Weblogic Server 12c

Simple Sample Custom Database Authenticator for Oracle Weblogic Server 11g

How to prevent CSRF Attack

Eliminating Security Vulnerabilities at PORT 22

Configuring Strong Ciphers on Linux OS

Oracle WebLogic Zero Day Discovered in the Wild

Configuring Cross Domain Security on WebLogic Server

Security Vulnerability in Apache Struts Rest Plugin

Steps to generate and for Admin Server