Integrate YourKit Java Profiler with a standalone Weblogic Server

YourKit Java Profiler is a CPU and memory profiler that makes it easy to solve wide range of CPU- and memory-related performance problems. It features automatic leak detection, powerful tools for the analysis of memory distribution, an object heap browser, comprehensive memory tests as part of your JUnit testing process, extremely low profiling overhead, transparent deobfuscation support, and integration with Eclipse, JBuilder, IntelliJ IDEA, NetBeans, and JDeveloper IDEs
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Download the trail version from here

Steps to integrate it with Weblogic Server

Integrate with standalone J2EE Server

Select Weblogic 9/10

Browse to the location where the startup script is.

Select the startup script; this will create the startup script for the Profiler

Start your server using that script

You will see it in the running JVM’s list. Click on it.

You should be able to see the Memory usage stats

Garbage collection activity

Class Loading activity

I am yet to explore the tool and see how I can use it for the maximum benefit.
Looks to me it combines the feature of gcviewer, eclipse memory analyzer and JProbe.
“Good to have” tool in a support engineers armory! 😉

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