Configure Apache Webserver with Weblogic Server

Step 1) Make sure the Apache server runs on port 8080.( This is because sometimes IIS, or some antivirus s/w runs on that port).This can be done by modifying the httpd.conf present at
D:Program FilesApache GroupApache2conf
Modify the Listen port to 8080

Listen 8080

Step 2) Copy the from <bea_home>wlserver_10.3serverpluginwin32 to
D:Program FilesApache GroupApache2modules

Step 3) Add these lines in the httpd.conf file

LoadModule weblogic_module modules/

<Location />
SetHandler weblogic-handler

<IfModule mod_weblogic.c>
WebLogicCluster localhost:7003,localhost:7005
Debug ON
WLLogFile c:/temp/wlproxy.log
WLTempDir c:/temp

Step 4) Restart Apache and access the application deployed on the Cluster using


This will forward the request to the Weblogic Cluster

You can check the headers sent and received to WLS in wlproxy.log file.

Let me know if you face any issues.


  1. Hi,
    Whether we should use only clustered IP:Port to WeblogicCluster parameter on Ifmodule ?
    is it not possible to use non clustered IP:Port to this parameter?


    1. Hi Arun,

      Its possible, u just have to specify WeblogicHost in place of WeblogiicCLuster.

      Try it out and let me know if you face any issues.


  2. Hi,

    Do we need both IFModule and Location tags? Can’t we just use Location and define the Weblogic cluster name in it? How can you proxy by MIME types?

  3. In windows vista aprache proxy plugin is not working .
    Please suggest me is vista is not compatablie for proxying the requests WEBLOGIC AND APACHE.

    i am using the weblogic 9.2 and apache 2.2.x . Same was working fine in Windows XP

  4. I am unable to find from \wlserver_10.3\server\plugin\win\32 How to complete step 2.

  5. I want to change the port number 8080 to 8081 in apache server , will it be any issue.

  6. We are upgrading Apache 2.0.59 to 2.4.4. Will there be any impact on Weblogic server 8.1 ?

  7. We are upgrading our Apache 2.0.59 to 2.4.4 , will there be any impact on weblogic server 8.1? Please let me know.

  8. what load balance work many Oracle service bus’s wsdl in weblogic domain ?

  9. If I want to use multiple virtual host to httpd.conf then I can i route those request to weblogic cluster?

  10. After i add this lines

    SetHandler weblogic-handler

    WebLogicCluster localhost:7003,localhost:7005
    Debug ON
    WLLogFile c:/temp/wlproxy.log
    WLTempDir c:/temp

    I get an error when i try to restart Apache Services

    1. Hey Anita,

      Go to Windows event manager and check the error message for apache application..
      Also check the error logs in the logs folder.. that will give u some hints…


  11. hi

    i have configured multiple urls which belongs to different web logic domains in http.conf file

    Debug ON
    WLLogFile /app2/apache/logs/wlproxy.log
    WLTempDir /app2/apache/logs

    but every time it is taking the first ip and port “” i observed this in log, not checking for 2nd url

    please let me know if i need configure any thing else,

    Mohammed Azas

    1. Hi Azas,

      How many requests are you sending at one time?
      Maybe you can test with Jmeter and send multiple requests at one time.

      Please let me know your test results.


  12. Hi,

    I have installed Apache2.4 verison for Weblogic 11g Server and copied file from D:\Oracle\Middleware\wlserver_10.3\server\plugin\win\32 to D:\Oracle\Apache2.4\modules the added the below weblogic module like this in http.conf.
    # Weblogic Module
    LoadModule weblogic_module modules/
    If i try to restart the http Server, getting sayying that “The request operaion has failed”.
    Could you please help me out here.

    1. You will have to use the module for Apache 2.4
      Oracle Support might be able to help you with it.

  13. Hi,

    can you please share the link from where i can download file for Apache/2.2.22


    1. Its present at this location


      You must choose to install plugins at the time of weblogic installation

    1. It is usually present in the plugin folder unders server directory.. for 12c you need to contact Oracle Support..

  14. Is this possible to do for https? It seems that all the configuration has been tailored to http and not https. I am not able to get this to work the same way for htts in httpd-ssl.conf file. How can this be done for SSL so we can target https ports?

    1. You can refer to the configuration below…

      LoadModule weblogic_module modules/
      LoadModule ssl_module modules/

      SSLRandomSeed startup builtin
      SSLRandomSeed connect builtin

      Listen 8043

      SSLEngine on
      SSLCertificateFile “D:\Apache2.2\bin\server.crt”
      SSLCertificateKeyFile “D:\Apache2.2\bin\server.key”

  15. Hi Admin, Can you please email me the plugin on my email ..?
    Its not present under servers/plugin folder for Weblogic 12 c. Or may be, I would have missed something during installation? (Though no plugin options were populated whilst the installation).

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