Deploying Tuxedo 12c JCA Adapter rar file in Weblogic server 11g

Step 1: Download JCA adapter rar file from oracle site.

Step2:  Unzip the rar file into a folder.




Step3:  Under extracted folder, we have rar fie is there. Copy that one and place it outside of extracted folder and remove extracted and zip folder.



Step 4 : Extract the contents in to rar into tuxedoadapter.rar folder and remove the rar file.



tuxedoadapter.rar folder contains below files (screenshot)




Step 5:

Go to META-INF folder, we can find  server.ra.xml and weblogic-ra.xml , remove remaining and change server.ra.xml to ra.xml . Open ra.xml , give dmconfig.xml path to connect /access external system services.





Step 6:

Open weblogic-ra.xml and change according to your need. No need to create JNDI Name in Weblogic server.



Step 7:

Copy the jars in to * .ear/APP-INF/lib folder of your application. These jars are necessary/accessible, when jca rar is deploying in weblogic server.






Step 8:  Override com.bea.core.jatmi_2.0.1.0.jar of Weblogic server.
Note : For Weblogic Server, this jar file must be exported using CLASSPATH to replace the one included with WebLogic Server installation. This environmental variable must be set before starting WebLogic Server.
set in classpath above com.bea.core.jatmi_2.0.1.0.jar in Weblogic server at

C:OracleMiddlewareuser_projectsdomainsbillingagent_domainbinstartWeblogic.cmd or .sh
set SAVE_CLASSPATH=D:/tuxedoclient/billingagent.ear/APP-INF/lib/com.bea.core.jatmi_2.0.1.0.jar;%CLASSPATH%
Next copy tuxedoadapter.rar file into your ear file and it is ready to deploy into Weblogic server.