How to view messages from Persistent Store

Publish a persistent message on the Queue

Set the environment


Go to the folder where the JMS Store is present

1049088 Oct 22 10:29 GEMSJMSSERVER_105_1000000.DAT

Log in to the storeadmin commandline using the Admin utility.


Type “help” for available commands


JMS Servers have to be down for us to open the file store.

We can open the file store with the command below.

storeadmin-> openfile -store GEMSJMSSERVER_105_1

<Oct 22, 2020 11:45:16 PM PDT> <Info> <Store> <BEA-280008> <Opening the persistent file store “GEMSJMSSERVER_105_1″ for recovery: directory=. requestedWritePolicy=”Cache-Flush” fileLockingEnabled=true driver=”wlfileio3″.>

<Oct 22, 2020 11:45:16 PM PDT> <Info> <Store> <BEA-280009> <The persistent file store “GEMSJMSSERVER_105_1″ (f7370ac1-6460-4295-8872-d6e860792f95) has been opened: blockSize=512 actualWritePolicy=”Cache-Flush(single-handle-non-direct)” explicitIOEnforced=false records=72.>

INFO: Store GEMSJMSSERVER_105_1 opened successfully

You can dump the content of the File Store in a file using the dump command.

storeadmin-> dump -store GEMSJMSSERVER_105_1 -out PersistentMessages.xml -conn -deep

INFO: Dump from GEMSJMSSERVER_105_1 to PersistentMessages.xml successful

Close the File Store

storeadmin-> close -store GEMSJMSSERVER_105_1

INFO: Store GEMSJMSSERVER_105_1 closed successfully

storeadmin-> quit

EXIT: done

049088 Oct 22 23:44 GEMSJMSSERVER_105_1000000.DAT

37347 Oct 22 23:50 PersistentMessages.xml

We can view the content of the message in the XML file.