Installation of WebSphere AS7.0 Network Deployment using silent Mode

Using the responsefile.nd.txt we can install WebSphere AS, create profiles and do multiple configurations. But, this article is restricted to understand how to do the installation of WAS7.0in silent mode using responsefile.nd.txt

1) Go to the path where the Websphere Application Server(WAS) software is available using cd.

2) Inside that we have the WAS folder where we will have the installer(setup.jar or, responsefile.nd.txt.

3)  Take the back up of responsefile.nd.txt and rewrite responsefile.nd.txt with the following options:

4) Save the responsefile.nd.txt and run the below command:

4) The installation would take roughly 20-30mins to complete.

5) After installation completed to confirm the status of installation goto WAS-Home>logs>install folder and check for the keywork INSTCONFSUCCESS




Wonders Team


  1. Hi Team,

    We are trying to install WAS 7.0 on RHEL 5 Linux. We have updated the response file and tried running the install command as mentioned. However, the script completes within 1 minute or so & nothing happens. We dont find any errors or any installation happens.

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