Installing Weblogic Server on Linux

1.OS-specific Package installer

– they are stanalone installers in .exe or .bin format and have the jdk’s for the respective OS’s.

2.Generic Package installer

– its a jar file which can be used for product installation, except it doesnt have the jdk. We need to use the JDK already installed on the box.

3. Net installer

– it offers more flixibility in downloading components. Check Oracle documentation for more details.
There are Upgrade installer’s which can be used to upgarde to the latest Mainatainence Pack, e.g. from 10.3.1 to 10.3.3

There are three modes on Installation – Graphical Mode, Console Mode and Silent Mode. In Graphical Mode a GUI is available wherein u can provide the installation values. In Console Mode the values are provided at the prompt and in Silent Mode, the values are passed in an xml file.

To Install Weblogic Server on linux, we are going to use OS-specific Package installer and Console Mode of Installation.

Please follow the steps below.

Step 1)

First download Weblogic Server for the linux version from the following link

Step 2)

Tranfer it to the linux box using any file transfer tool such as WinScp

You can find the free download of WinSCP here.

Step 3)

Change the file permissions as follows

chmod a+x server103_linux32.bin

Step 4)

Begin the installation


Extracting 0%……………………………………………100%
Unable to instantiate GUI, defaulting to console mode.

<—- Oracle Installer – WebLogic Platform —————>


This installer will guide you through the installation of WebLogic Platform Type “Next” or enter to proceed to the next prompt. If you want to
change data entered previously, type “Previous”. You may quit the installer at any time by typing “Exit”.
Enter [Exit][Next]> Next
<—– Oracle Installer – WebLogic Platform ————->

Choose BEA Home Directory:

“BEA Home” = [Enter new value or use default “/users/faisal/bea”]
Enter new BEA Home OR [Exit][Previous][Next]> /users/faisal/bea103

<—- Oracle Installer – WebLogic Platform —————>

Choose BEA Home Directory:

“BEA Home” = [/users/faisal/bea103]

Use above value or select another option:
1 – Enter new BEA Home
2 – Change to default [/users/faisal/bea]
Enter option number to select OR [Exit][Previous][Next]> Next

<—- Oracle Installer – WebLogic Platform —————>

Choose Install Type:

Select the type of installation you wish to perform.

| Install the following software products and examples:
| – WebLogic Server
| – Workshop

| Choose software products and components to install and perform optional configuration.

Enter index number to select OR [Exit][Previous][Next]> 1

<—- Oracle Installer – WebLogic Platform —————>

Choose Product Installation Directories:

BEA Home Directory: [/users/faisal/bea103]

Product Installation Directories:
1|WebLogic Server: [/users/faisal/bea103/wlserver_10.3]
2|Workshop: [/users/faisal/bea103/workshop_10.3]
Enter index number to select OR [Exit][Previous][Next]> Next
<—- Oracle Installer – WebLogic Platform —————>

The following Products and JDKs will be installed:

WebLogic Platform
|_____WebLogic Server
| |_____Core Application Server
| |_____Administration Console
| |_____Configuration Wizard and Upgrade Framework
| |_____Web 2.0 HTTP Pub-Sub Server
| |_____WebLogic JDBC Drivers
| |_____Third Party JDBC Drivers
| |_____WebLogic Server Clients
| |_____WebLogic Web Server Plugins
| |_____UDDI and Xquery Support
| |_____Server Examples
| |_____Workshop for WebLogic
| |_____Workshop Runtime Framework
|_____Sun SDK 1.6.0_05
|_____BEA JRockit 1.6.0_05 SDK

*Estimated size of installation: 1,129.9 MB
Enter [Exit][Previous][Next]> Next
Jun 7, 2010 1:58:28 AM java.util.prefs.FileSystemPreferences$2 run
INFO: Created user preferences directory.

<—- Oracle Installer – WebLogic Platform —————>

Installing files..

0% 25% 50% 75% 100%

<—- Oracle Installer – WebLogic Platform —————>

Installing JDK….

0% 25% 50% 75% 100%
Performing String Substitutions…

Creating Domains…

<—- Oracle Installer – WebLogic Platform —————>

Installation Complete
Congratulations! Installation is complete.


  1. Hi,
    I could not reach your site for 3-4 weeks.I am pleased find your web site with new template.Thanks to return to share your knowledge.

    I want to ask a question.
    How to install weblogic 11g to windows 2008 r2 with 64 bit.
    not found details documents.I searched oracle forums,documents.
    is there a 64 bit weblogic 11g ? ,how to install ?


    1. Hi Erdem,

      You will need a generic installer for the 64bit OS. Please take a look at the below link for download:

      Once you have the exe file downloaded, execute the file and a GUI will start. Follow the instructions and preferences as per the information in the GUI. Refer the below link which is the installation guide:

      Let me know if you have any doubts.


  2. hi
    i am getting this error while starting managedserver
    <failed to join cluster cls1 at address due to such device such device at datagramSocketImpl(.join native method)
    the error will be occured in cluster configuration
    i used the multicaaddres in between t0
    i didnot understand why this error is comming
    plase give me the solution to solve that problem

  3. Hi All,

    I need weblogic interview question with recent times and also examples for that .Pleaase send me my mail id and very thankfull to you people.

    Thanks ,

  4. Hi, I just installed WLS server 12c on test machine, but the console through browser is not launching. I do not see any errors in the startup logs. See below –

    #### <>
    #### <>
    #### <>
    #### <>
    #### <>
    #### <>
    #### <>
    #### <>

    #### <>
    #### <>
    #### <>
    #### <>
    #### <>

    Appreciate your help. Thanks, Amit Sharma

    1. Paste your stdout file from the beginning till the server comes into running mode and also the URL you are trying to launch the console.

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