Thread Dumps in JBoss

The below article shows about capturing the Thread Dumps for JBoss Application Server in event of any server hangs or to diagnose any  performance bottlenecks using the JBoss Server Utilities.

Using JMX Console:

JMX-Console application is deployed on to the JBoss Application Server by default  and you can access the same using the below URL.


NOTE: If the jmx-console prompts for the user credentials, use the default username/ password pair i.e. admin / admin.

1. Login into the JMX-Console.

Navigate to the  jboss.system object from the left panel –> Click on the ServerInfo MBean from the right panel.

Alternative to this navigation, you can directly go to the required MBean by typing in jboss.system:* in the filter criteria of the JMX console.

3. This would show all the server details like memory, chip architecture , ActiveThreadCount , HostAddress etc.

Navigate to the bottom of the page and click on the listThreadDump operation –>  Invoke.

4.  This would generate the thread dumps for analysis as shown below.

Using Twiddle:

1. Open command prompt.

2. Navigate to the $JBOSS_HOME/bin  directory.

NOTE: Make sure the JAVA_HOME is already set.

3. Execute the below command.

twiddle.bat –server jnp://<Host>:<Port> invoke  “jboss.system:type=ServerInfo”     listThreadDump

For ex:

twiddle.bat –server jnp://localhost:1299 invoke  “jboss.system:type=ServerInfo”     listThreadDump

Refer the below post for further understanding o f JBoss Twiddle Utility.



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  1. Hi

    Do you know of a tool to open this dumps? I’ve tried with DPA and Samurai, but none seem to like the format JBoss gives. The only ones I’ve been able to use are the ones generated by “kill -3”

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