Using WLDF to view Historical Data

1. Go to the Home Page and click on Monitoring Dashboard under charts & graph

charts and graph

2. This will open the dashboard in a new tab. There are some built in views. You can select JVM Runtime Heap and click on the start button on the top.


3. You should be able to see the Heap Size Current ( Yellow Line) and Heap Free Current ( Blue Line)

JVM Runtime Heap View


4. You can also change the chart type

bar graph

5. You can create your own view’s as well to monitor. Select My Views and click on New symbol on the top.

New View

6. Create the view and go to Metric Browser. Select the server. Select the Mbean Type, Instance and the attribute you want to monitor.

Operating System Mbean

7. Select your view and create a new chart, add a metric and then start the recording. You can add multiple metrics as I have done in this example. I am monitoring the System Load, Process CPU Time and Total Physical Memory.

New chart

add metric