Weblogic Setup in Distributed Environment with Node Manager

On the Local Box (Test1)

1) Install Weblogic Server

chmod a+x server923_solaris32.bin


2) Create a Domain with two Managed Servers, MS1 one on the local box (Test1) and another MS2 on the remote box ( Test2).

3) Create two Machines, Machine1 on Test1 and Machine2 on Test2.
Assign MS1 to Machine1 and MS2 to Machine2.

4) Go to the location below and start the Node Manager.

On the Remote Box (Test2)

1) Install Weblogic Server.

2) Go to the location below and run wlst.sh.
/users/faisal /weblogic92/common/bin

3) Connect to the Admin Server
wls:/offline> connect()
Please enter your username [weblogic] :weblogic
Please enter your password [weblogic] :
Please enter your server URL [t3://localhost:7001] :t3://Test1:7001

4) Enroll the Machine
nmEnroll (‘/users/faisal /weblogic92/common/nodemanager’)

5) Start the Node Manager by running the scrip at this location
/users/faisal /weblogic92/server/bin

6) From the Admin Console, go Environment > Machines > Machine2 > Monitoring.
Node Manager should be Reachable.

7) Start the Managed Server from the Admin Console.
Managed Server directory will be created at
/users/faisal /weblogic92/common/nodemanager/MS1

If the Managed Servers associated with the Machine goes down, the Node Manager running on that machine will automatically restart them.

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  1. how can we modify application code .i think it is not middleware administratore role????????????

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