Connecting to Weblogic Server Embedded LDAP using LDAP Browser

Weblogic Server Embedded LDAP Server runs on the same port as the Server. The Master LDAP Server runs on the same port on which the Admin Server runs. Any changes is first made on the Master LDAP Server and it gets propagated to the Embedded LDAP Server on the Mananged Servers. If we do any changes to the LDAP Server of the Managed Servers , it doesn’t get reflected on the Master LDAP Server so we should be careful with our application design when the application interacts with the Embedded LDAP Server.

In this post i’ll demostrate how to connect to the Embedded LDAP Server of Weblogic.

First we need to go to  Domain > Security > Embedded LDAP and set the credential as weblogic.

The we need to restart the Weblogic Server. This step is very important!

Then we need to acess any LDAP Browser Console and create a session (depending of the browser)

After this step we need to provide the connection values as given in the screenshot

Save it and connect to the Embedded LDAP Server. You should see the list of users, groups, roles etc.

You can modify the entries as well, like add or delete users or groups from the LDAP Server, however all changes should be done on the Master LDAP Server.

Let me know if you have any queries.


  1. Hello Faisal,

    Can you please let me know which ldap browser to use and from where can i download?


    1. you can use any ldap client to connect to weblogic embedded ldap.. i am not aware of svn…..

    1. thanks Vinay. LDAP Browsers are used to view the heirarchy in the LDAP Server, add/remove/edit entries in the ldap server.

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