Creation of Profiles and Federation

We can create profile in websphere by using the following ways:

1) GUI Tool: This is by default supported ONLY on windows based OS as GUI would be enabled by default ONLY on windows based OS. To create go to: WAS-Home>bin>ProfileManagement and run either pmt.bat or java -jar startup.jar

2) Command Line: This is by default used only for UNIX based OS. To create profile use the below syntax:

Syntax: ./ –create –profileName –profilePath –templatePath –cellName -hostname –nodeName –enableAdminSecurity


Depending up on the type of profile template we are choosing accordingly the corresponding profile gets created. In the above since default template is chosen so application server profile is created. Below are the other templates:

1) dmgr — To create Dmgr profile

2) cell — To create cell profile

3) managed — to create custom profile

Similarly we created the Custom01, Dmgr01 profile.

Profile_ListFederate these profiles with Dmgr–

1) Federate AppSrv01 profile with Dmgr01 as below:

a) Start Dmgr profile instance (dmgr) and AppSrv01 profile instance (shiva1)

startServers   b) Get the Host name and SOAP port number of AppSrv01, Dmgr01 profile from AboutThisprofile.txt in profiles-home>logs path

AbouThisProfilec) Log in to Dmgr admin console (http://hostname_Dmgr:DmgrAdminConsolePort/ibm/console) and go to System Administration>Nodes Click AddNode and provide the SOAP Port, hostname of AppSrv01. Provide user name and password for AppSrv01 and Dmgr01 (if admin security is enabled)



2) Federate Custom01 profile with Dmgr01 as below: