WebSphere Application Server Interview Q’s(FAQ)

Hi All,

Below are the few interview Question in WebSphere:

1. How to choose websphere over other application servers?

2. What is the difference between web server and application server?

3. How to check a particular port is working or not in unix?

4. What are the issues commonly seen while installling the WebSphere Application Server

5. What is generic server cluster and how do you allow to configure standalone servers??

6. What is the difference between Dmgr and AppServer profile

7. Compared to custom and AppServer profile which is the best profile and why??

8. How to change a port no. using wsadmin?

9. What do you mean by Gloabl Security and how to enable it??

10. What are the different types of log files?

11. How do you take back ups in WAS

12. What is meant by SSL certificate and how do we renew them?? What is the defualt key store location for WAS

13. What are the different kinds of sync operations and How do you disable auto sync

14. Explain JNDI in WAS

15. How do you make WAS run as a service and why

16. How do you disable security for Deployment manager without logging into the console

17. What are the steps you will follow while installing a fix pack? How do you trouble shoot fixpack installation falied?

18. How do you recover the admin console password is lost?

19. what is class loader? how many types of class loaders are there?

20. when you are logged into dmgr admin console, if you click any option, it is showing 500 internal error, what could be the problem and how do you trouble shoot ?

21. What are the two basic steps that admin have to do after deploying the application & before running the application?

22. If the app server crashes in the middle of application deployment, wht could be the reason and wht steps we have to follow?

23. Compare the WAS process server & WAS portal server and WAS application server?

24. What Development Environment(s) are available to develop applications for WebSphere?

25. With Java2Security enabled on WebSphere Application Server, and you are performing an Enterprise Application deployment, what security file is open during deployment?