Installation of WAS Fix pack

Steps to install the Fixpack:-
Following is the step-by-step approach for installing the fixpacks for WebSphere Application Server environment:-

(1) Take the back-up of the existing configuration. You run the below command to take the backup of the existing
configuration from the individual profiles-
(a) ./ (unix)
(b) backupConfig.bat name_config.zipĀ  (windows)

(2) Download the update installer (for WAS6.1 use

Note: While downloading the update installer make sure that the version of update installer is more than your websphere application server installation. Check the WAS versionĀ  by running the below commands from appserver profiles bin folder) :

(a) ./ (unix)

(b) versionInfo.bat (windows)

(3) Now, we can start the installation of fix pack to the existing WAS installation by using the following two different ways-
(a) Silent Mode — Generally, this mode is used for windows or UNIX based OS
(b) Graphical Mode — This mode is generally used for windows based OS

Graphical User Interface: Following are the steps for installation of fix packs using the GUI mode:-

(1) Download the required fix pack from the official IBM support Web site ( in to temporary directory updi_root /maintenance directory.

(2) Make the current working directory: updi_root.

(3) Ensure that you stop all running processes. (we can use ps -ef|grep java and kill -9)

(4) Launch the Update Installer. For example:
(a) Windows – update.bat
(b) Windows Vista – update.exe
(c) AIX,HP-UX,Linux,Solaris – ./

(5) The Welcome panel will display. Click Next.

(6) The system will prompt for the location of the product that you want updated. Click Next.

(7) The system will present the choices of Install or Uninstall maintenance. The install option is the default. Click Next.

(8) The system will prompt for the maintenance location where packages can be found. Enter the directory name containing the packages, or browse for the required directory. Click Next.

(9) The following options exist for installing a fix pack:
(a) For installing the fix pack without the feature pack, select the desired fix pack. Click Next.
(b) For installing the fix pack with the feature pack, select the desired fix pack. Another panel is displayed that prompts you to install the enabling interim fix. Click Next.

(10) Before the installation, the Confirmation panel will confirm which packages will be installed.

(11) After the installation, the Summary panel will list which packages have been installed.

(12) After you install the fix pack, check the installation log to verify that the install was successful. The log can be found at app_server_root /logs/update/maintenance_package.install.

Note: (1) By any one of the following messages in the log file we can confirm the status of fix pack installation.
(a) INSTCONFSUCCESS – The operation was a success.
(b) INSTCONFPARTIALSUCCESS – The operation was partially successful, refer to the log for more details.
(c) INSTCONFFAILED – The operation failed, refer to the log for more details

(2)*** The update installer and WAS installation should be installed by using the same user id belonging to the group id.


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