Placing Server Start Parameters And Java Options For Optimum Weblogic Server Performance.

Java  option or server startup parameter can be use to collect statics, streamline and fine tune Weblogic application server performance issue.

Here is the scenario:

By default in Weblogic all services get initiated on server start that causes delay in JVM startup time.  Let’s suppose in your current environment you do not need EJB’s, JCA or JMS services to start when you crank up Weblogic.  To simply avoid having start these services on server start one can place this java option in file to stop the services getting initiated from server start.

  • JAVA_OPTIONS=”${JAVA_OPTIONS} -DserverType=wlx”

Here Is How I Did It:

vi  into file  under $DOMAIN_HOME/bin :

I have placed it right above “# SET THE CLASSPATH” string.  Here is the screenshot as an example.  I have put a red check sign to show where java option can be place on the script.

Start the Admin Server using script and look for java option that we have  placed in server start.  Please see below screenshot,  JAVA OPTION did get  initiated and I have highlighted  and underline it red in below screen shot.

 Here is 2nd Scenario Modifying  :

let’s suppose I want increase the heap size memory on server1 and also want collect garbage collection statics. Here is how we will do it using admin console.

-login to Admin Console -Click on server -click on server1 -click on Server Start

Go to bottom of page place the option in Arguments:  square box as following. One to increase heap size memory with the following flag -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -Xms512m -Xmx1024m   and 2nd  option is -Dweblogic.client.socket.ConnectTimeout=5000   save and activate  changes and start  server1 

once server came online.  I ran  ps -ef | grep  server1  command to see if java option flag has been applied after server restart.  Looks like it does, please see below screenshot i have circled it in red.

Very Important note about 2nd scenario: placing  java option in serverstart only will  work if manage server is being start using nodemanager. It will not work if manage server is being start using script.