Setting Up Network channels

Network channel is a Weblogic resource that can be configure to separate and load balance network traffic for critical applications to achieve faster performance. Incase of heavy traffic on application servers, one can configure network  channels to separate internal server communication from client user communication.

Brief on my current setup:

  • Distributed setup
  • Admin server and server1 running on host01
  • Server2 is running on host02
  • Server1  and server2 is a part of cluster1
  • Node manager is configure to stop/start both manage sever1 and server2
  • I have a application by the name of benefits.war deployed on cluster1



Steps to configure network channel:

  • Login to Admin console – Navigate to manage server JVM in my case I am creating network channel on server01 – click on Protocol tab -click on Channels tab  – click Lock Edit  -Click new  –name field provide any name in my case I have provided Channel-1  -Protocal  select http.
  • Below is screen shot and Breadcrumb of above steps
  • click Nextnework_channel_oneThis will take you to below screen. Provide Listen Address and listen port  for new network Channel.  We are not working with External address therefor we can leave it blank. Click Next


Leave default below click Nextnetwork_channel_four

Leave default unselected here as well. We are not using SSL.  Click Finish


Click on Activate Changes


Repeat same steps to configure network channel on host02. All Steps will be same beside -name will be Channel-2  and Listen Address will be host02