What’s new in Weblogic 12c (12.1.2).

WebLogic 12c (12.1.2) is the latest version released. It is robust, provides unmatched performance and high availability.

This can be downloaded from the below URL.


Below are few new features that are introduced in WebLogic 12.1.2.

1. Dynamic Cluster Support:

It is one of the most striking features of WebLogic 12.1.2. This release introduces use of the dynamic cluster for a highly scalable systems, high availability environment.  Dynamic cluster allows the managed servers to be automatically added based on a server template.

2. Support with Oracle Database 12c.

This release of WebLogic Server adds support for Oracle Database 12c

3. JMS enhancements:

Supports clustered targeted JMS Servers for providing high availability  eliminating the need to configure many JMS resources for every single server.

4. Enhanced maven support.

Support for POMs, Maven 3.0.4.

5. WebSocket support.

Supports for WebSocket Protocol (RFC 6455),which provides two-way, full-duplex communication over a single TCP connection between clients and servers, where each side can send data independently from the other. The WebSockets communication model occurs in real-time and promotes user interaction.


For further reading, please refer the official documentation.